Targeted Massachusetts

This is an Impact Statement made by Sacha Rebecca Souter



Being of sound mind and body on the 06 April 2022.


 I Sacha Souter wish to lay out in bullet points and details all of the staged events and psychological harassment strategies that I have endured and continue to endure (24 years to my knowledge).


Name the company and individuals involved in this operation who have deliberately destroyed my life and forced me to leave my child and my life in England.


The Medical / Military company involved in these dark Research and Development projects for Biotech & Computational Brain Science’s (neuronal and biological data harvesting for inclusion in functioning AI systems).

 The said companies are also responsible for the formation of a global’ fluid’ new model army trained in tracking, humiliating, and controlling the freedom of people through harassment and shame, using trained personnel in the application of electronic weaponry to hurt and distress)


• Denying me my neural rights.

• Denying me freedom of movement.

• Denying me privacy and dignity.

• Exploiting every aspect of my biological and behavioral responses to the harassment,

• Destroying my health and maiming my face, teeth, and body irrevocably.

• Eradicating my ability to live a private life without threat of violence humiliating images being circulated in my local community / environment to demean and misrepresent my good name.

• Denying peace to sleep at night.

• Ruining the quality of life and reputation.

• Making public / social life fraught with anxiety and shame at all times.

• Holding me back from achieving my goals.

• Denying me the right to have sexual union in my home.

• Forcing me to live under the horror of 24/7 observation.

• Costing me 100’s of 1000’s in loss of earnings.

• The biggest Cost to me is my Motherhood denying me a safe, healthy environment for family life with for my children.




I write this statement as a historical document to attest to the injures received with documented photos, blood work evidence, Infra-Red Images and Sound forensics.


My hope is these documented events will be shared in upcoming Court cases and in media to validate what is technologically possible, And effect positive change in law and everyone’s awareness.


Highlighting this Global threat to every sentient being is of the greatest importance.


 The Neural Rights to privacy and freedom of though and opinion all future generations depends upon it.

 This is a pivotal time in our collective World History never has technology advanced so rapidly.

 It is not our friend when abused as it is.


It represents our eradication and heralds in the age of Transhumanism and Robotics and mental slavery.

Where all being are under threat from being tortured.

Before it’s too late we must push for Our rights unite in peace before the World becomes a dystopic hostile prison without any freedoms.


I wish to authenticate the endless suffering involved in decoding the human brain. (For Computational Brian Science and Mind Control systems).


AI system developers should be sanctioned and forced to prove the source of their human data. AI is stained with unbearable distress, blood, and tears.


A bill of rights is being implemented by Chile for the Neural Rights of their Citizens. (The first Country to do so).


The Senate in September 2021 unanimously approved the bill for Neuro Rights Protection in light of the rapid development of Neuro technology interfaces and associated brain science study’s using radiation and radio wave based advanced technology. It is now irrefutable the Human Brain is hackable. Remote neural monitoring is being carried out.  Memories can be uploaded, downloaded and behaviors predicted and manipulated.


I suggest that We join Chile in the signing of pertinent legislation to curtail any further use of this technology.



My plight is the same plight as 1000,000’s of people globally who are forever rising in number

I work for a Human Rights NGO and we at The Allen Institute for Human Rights are in contact with genuine innocent civilians who are experiencing terrible degrading treatment and physical abuse within every Country around the globe every day and night. Please wake up people look to recent history, research.

For one thing is for sure we have not learned from history and thus we are doomed to repeat its folly.


Future generations are depending on Us to take action.












Victim Impact Statement Linda Pimenta May 11, 2022




Being a victim of this crime has impacted me physically, emotionally, financially, and socially.

The physical impact is, stress, higher blood sugars, interrupted sleep several times every night, feeling tired, weight gain, nausea, vomiting, decreased concentration, blurry vision, headaches, disequilibrium, tremors of just about every part of my body, abdominal pain, hematuria, blood in my stool, loss of appetite, and weight loss.  The chemicals I have been exposed to are ongoing and have contributed to most of the physical symptoms I have experienced. I have had to seek medical treatment for chemical burns in my sinuses and nasal pharynx in November 2020, chest pain requiring hospital admission and undergoing cardiac catheterization and other diagnostic tests plus follow-up with cardiology in March 2021, kidney stone requiring surgical intervention February-March 2022, respiratory illness, including pneumonia requiring three visits to Urgent Care and one to my primary care provider, as well as two courses of antibiotics, prednisone and other prescriptions, including nebulizer.


The emotional impact is, uncomfortable when interacting with strangers, suspicious/no trust of strangers and neighbors, dread the night and the need to attempt to sleep, initially, I was in fear for my life. At some times during this, I felt hopeless that I would ever get out of it and it would never end. I have had to work very hard to remain a positive person and not give into the negativity and hopelessness. I am unable to continue working in my current job because it requires me to return to Kentucky and I do not feel safe there.


The financial impact is, I feel I need to retire from my current job instead of working till 15-20 years or 65-67 years of age. This decreased my pension, my retirement fund, and my income after I retire next month. I will lose $42,000 of income even though I will still be working full time. I have incurred medical bills in the thousands, $38,000 in hotel, Airbnb while trying to keep myself safe in Kentucky, as well as $10,000 moving from Kentucky to New Hampshire, I took the first offer on my home in Kentucky rather than waiting for higher offers just to get out of there.


The social impact is, I have lost several friends, family and friends will not come to my home, rumors at work and in my neighborhood resulted in people avoiding me. I have chosen not to attend social events I normally would have because I am concerned people in my neighborhood would spread rumors about me to attempt to ruin my reputation.



Victim Impact Statement Mary Marvin





I am a retired schoolteacher and for over 40 years I was the church organist at my local Catholic Church. Between June 2019 and December 2019 I became a victim of  Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment. I was 78 years old at the time of these attacks.


I was stalked by numerous different perpetrators both vehicular and on foot. I was stalked by these criminals inside shops. Mobbing also occurred. I was playing the organ for a Confirmation Mass at my church and got surrounded by a group of unknown people who were trying to intimidate me. I also received electrical interference with domestic appliances and was targeted by a microwave weapon in September 2019.


Lights were shined into my bedroom window at night and nearly £3,000 was taken from my bank account after I became the victim of a debit card fraud.


Psychiatric reprisal was used against me for reporting these crimes. At midnight on 13th September 2019, police and psychiatrists visited my home and threatened to section me. This was Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire NHS.




Victim Impact Statement Stephen  Marvin


Between June 2019 and December 2019 I became a victim of what is called Organised Stalking and Electronic Harassment. Below is a list of the crimes that took place against me:


I was stalked by numerous perpetrators both vehicular and on foot. I was followed on many occasions whilst driving my vehicle. On one occasion I was tailgated by a Derbyshire Police vehicle. I was stalked in Supermarkets and outside while walking my dog.


I was attacked four times by microwave-directed energy weapons. The third attack was attempted murder, which gave me an enormous electric shock, and severely disabled me for 30 minutes.


Street Theatre- for example, contrived conversations calculated to deliver cryptic messages, displays of props (e.g. dead bird placed outside my gate). Also, a knife with red paint splashed on it, and a crowbar was placed very close to my house as well as a dog collar and lead. This I believe was a threat to myself and my dog.


Computer and mobile phone hacking- two computers of mine were destroyed. I also received a death threat on my computer.


Electronic interference with domestic appliances.


Attempted Sleep Deprivation - Neighbors appear to have been paid to harass me. Neighbors at night shined lights into my bedroom window.


Entry to my home, evidenced by the removal of contents.


A false accusation was made against me which I believe was orchestrated by Derbyshire Police to run an entrapment operation against me. This occurred one week after I submitted an affidavit to Dr. Katherine Horton who was suing MI5 at the High Court in London.